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Toccata Collection, Forever Elegant

RAYMOND WEIL is pleased to unveil the new toccata collection. Inspired by the Art-Deco movement, these vintage-inspired watches encompass clean lines, sumptuous dials and are perfectly suited to any occasion. RAYMOND WEIL has employed its extraordinary creativity to produce a range of models that promise to deliver eye appeal for many years to come.

Art Deco, a movement in decorative arts, furniture and architecture, was very popular in Europe and the US during the 1920s and 30s. Linear and geometric designs, streamlining, long lines with crisp edges, symmetry, simplified figures and shapes are all associated with the Art Deco movement. Although this movement is approximately 100 years old, its allure has never diminished.

In 2020, RAYMOND WEIL looked to the past and created a new range of vintage-inspired watches within the toccata collection. The design of each model references the Art Deco movement with pure, crisp lines and beautifully defined details. In the spirit of continuous improvement, these new models are an evolution of what has gone before, however, they do not diminish the appeal of their forebears. Housed in elegantly refined rectangular cases, these new creations exude a charming simplicity. Displaying merely the hours, minutes and date, there is a welcome purity to each dial option. Each watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement, delivering precision and obviating the need for regular winding.

The toccata collection offers cases in stainless steel or stainless steel suffused with yellow gold PVD plating. Strap or bracelet, Roman numerals or diamond-set indexes, the Swiss brand indulges would be wearers with a beautiful selection of models to choose from. However, the notion of choice ascends to new heights when it comes to the plethora of dial hues on offer. A striking champagne option, brooding shades of emerald green, ruby, black, and a becoming shade of blue provide an abundance of choice.

Each model within the toccata collection is enriched with luxurious details. For example, the centre of each dial is endowed with a matte appearance, while the hour track is adorned with a sunray satin finish. The dial is dressed in a new lacquer finish, imbuing it with a charming radiance and heightening the overall sumptuousness. With its sleek appearance, pure lines and notable refinement, each member of the toccata collection is perfectly suited to an array of social settings, while the model’s exquisite styling promises an enduring beauty.

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