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BALL Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer - Start Your Quest

Since 1891, BALL Watch Company has been producing mechanical timepieces that comply with the most stringent criteria for precision, quality and reliability. As pioneers of chronometry standards and with a rich past closely associated with the history of the American railroads, BALL Watch remains one of the most respected and well established watch brands in the United States. The history of BALL watches is inseparable from that of the railroad pioneers. On April 19, 1891, a catastrophic head-on collision between two trains in Kipton, Ohio—caused by the inaccuracy of one of the engineers’ watches—resulted in eight fatalities. The main American railroad companies then entrusted watchmaker Webster Clay Ball with the responsibility of establishing strict chronometric precision standards for all watches used by...

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BALL Watch Company Introduces the Engineer II Skindiver Heritage

An evolution of classic design for modern adventuring. In the 1960s, BALL Watch Company introduced its first dive watch for adventure-seekers. Today, the new Engineer II Skindiver Heritage enhances the purpose-built functions of its historic predecessors. With micro gas tube luminosity appearing underneath curved rotating bezel, on the dial, and arranged handsomely on the hands, the watch’s undeniable avant-garde design is sure to entice. Clear visibility is of paramount importance to divers and explorers. The Swiss cutting-edge technology of micro gas tubes featured on the Skindiver Heritage makes this timepiece highly functional in the darkness of the depths. This technology used by BALL Watch involves encapsulating H₃ gas in glass micro tubes— quite unlike any other luminescent material found in...

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BALL - Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQUEST II

First launched in 2011, the Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQUEST II is a response tool for all divers who are willing to reach the deepest depths. Undeniably tough and equipped with the necessary diving features, the watch has been subtly redesigned to meet new standards. This new generation model features BALL’s patented automatic helium release valve directly integrated into the crown, while its ultra-tough monobloc titanium case remains untouched and unrivalled. The world of diving is not the most welcoming environment. In order to stay accurate and to deliver trustworthy functionalities to underwater explorers, a watch that reaches such depths needs to show some extra skills. Thanks to the case being made of a single block of solid titanium, potential interfaces are reduced...

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