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Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD

Licensed by and tough enough for the United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit.

For those who hold a readiness for the extraordinary and who might find themselves in impossible situations, BALL Watch Company has been continuously developing technical prowess to achieve superior timepieces ready to surpass any adverse conditions. Today, BALL celebrates its American heritage and announces their new partnership with the United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal. To honour the EOD’s highly skilled technicians, BALL introduces the Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD, the most robust mechanical watch ever developed by the Swiss company, with outstanding resistance features and patented technical innovations to help our bravest, no matter the mission.

The United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal is one of the most complete units of the Navy, ensuring all terrains, on land and underwater, are safe. First created in 1941 to clear the battlefields of WWII, EOD units around the world have since become essential. Not without a point of humour, their unofficial motto is "Initial Success or Total Failure." In order to achieve such arduous missions, the technicians must master parachute and helicopter insertions, diving, swimming, weapons expertise, small unit tactics, and tactical communications in all environments and every climate. With their bravery and their willingness to face danger, they eliminate explosive threats so that others can live. The training is extremely rigorous, and only the most dedicated become part of the EOD elite of the US Navy.

The 42mm titanium timepiece is equipped with anti-shock systems developed by BALL that make it highly resistant to any kind of conditions. A new patented shock absorption elastomer ring has been specially re-invented for the EOD, allowing the watch’s movement to resist a 10-meter free fall. The ring is made of elastomer, a rubber material that is both flexible and resistant, long lasting, and UV and sunlight damage resistant. Placed inside the case, around the dial and mechanical movement, the ring allows the calibre crown stem, spring, and dial to move slightly while absorbing impacts. This system includes protective padding that prevents parts from breaking. The system's unique structure – inspired by architecture, industry and sport equipment – absorbs and releases impact energy.

To complete the protection of the Chronometer certified movement and ensure its accuracy, the SpringSEAL® patented regulator and SpringLOCK® patented hairspring anti-shock systems are two vital features that come to life in rough conditions. The SpringSEAL® locks and protects the regulator’s setting in case of impact, ensuring it doesn’t have to be re-set. The SpringLOCK® reduces the balance spring’s shock impact by 66% in comparison with the Swiss certification standards of mechanical movements, limiting the unfurling of the coils as well as deformation or breakage of the balance spring - a key regulating organ and one of the most fragile parts of a mechanical caliber. Thanks to a mumetal shield, the watch is anti-magnetic to 1,000 Gauss (80,000 A/m). Mumetal is an alloy of nickel, iron, copper and molybdenum with very high magnetic permeability, which enables it to attract and deflect static or low-frequency magnetic field lines when other methods of attenuation are relatively ineffective. For the crown to not get direct, unwanted external contact, a special crown protection has been created for this watch. The easy-to-use brand-new design features a ball lock, guarantying superior resistance.

Known for its products’ legibility in the dark, BALL features glowing self-powered micro gas tubes in all of its timepieces. This cutting-edge Swiss technology does not require any external charging source and consists of gas-filled glass microcapsules. On the Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD, tubes are present on the dial, hands and bezel. Apart from the tube inset, Super LumiNova is also featured on the bezel. This unequalled luminous feat allows for perfect time-reading in the dark.

The COSC certified BALL RR1101-CSL automatic calibre runs the hour, minute and sweep second hands, as well as a magnified date. A special movement oil allows it to handle harsh temperatures from -45 to 80 C° (-49 to 176 F°). The Engineer Hydrocarbon EOD is water resistant to 300m (1,000ft), and the piece is fitted with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a tapered titanium and stainless steel bracelet with a patented folding buckle. The timepiece comes with a black dial and two choices of materials for the unidirectional bezel: stainless steel or black ceramic. The United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal insignia has been impressively embossed on the case back.

Today, more than ever, BALL is continuing its journey and asserting its role as a key protagonist in the exploration of modern time and the evolution of watchmaking history.

About BALL Watch Company

BALL Watch Company is a timekeeping pioneer and celebrated manufacturer of quality, precise and reliable timepieces since 1891. The company was literally founded by accident. Following a tragic 1891 Kipton, Ohio head-on train collision, American railroad companies appointed Webster Clay Ball "Chief Time Inspector" to supervise newly synchronized timing protocols. This standardized "railroad time" efficiency originated the popular "Be on the Ball" proverb and inspired the future Swiss Society of Chronometry (COSC) which governs the highest watch timing certification standards today.

About Patrick’s Labs

To provide improvement and even more innovation than in the past, BALL Watch Company established its first spin-off company, Patrick’s Labs. A Research and Development Center, this new division focuses on its domain of expertise by gathering a wide range of knowledge. Patrick’s Labs enables BALL Watch to be at the forefront of research and innovation by introducing technically groundbreaking products and solutions.


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