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LA GIOIA di Pomellato - A Winter’s Tale

Pomellato bathes La Gioia in a new light with contemporary monochrome hues inspired by the colours of winter.

Pomellato unveils a capsule collection of 17 new jewels that present La Gioia’s iconic designs in new colour ways. Whether channelling the mesmerising white glow of moonlight or the shimmer of snow and ice, Pomellato celebrates the colours of winter and night skies with its signature touch. This winter colour palette highlights the sophistication of Pomellato’s creations that can take on seemingly infinite guises.

Vincenzo Castaldo, Creative Director at Pomellato explains: ‘For the first time, Pomellato’s masterpieces have been approached as monochrome paintings, in a cold colour palette inspired by photographs of the moon and winter landscapes. I imagined a winter’s tale where the twilight radiance of the white gold and diamond jewels illuminate the face in a new way.’


The three-row Bavarole Iconica necklace exudes a majestic serenity in its new cool hues. Steel-grey titanium and white gold links are showered with diamonds, endowing an ultra-contemporary dimension to this memorable piece of jewellery. The stark modernity of the matt titanium is intensified by the pure sheen of the links crafted in a new white gold and palladium alloy devoid of rhodium plating. Pomellato’s rigorous design ethos leaves no detail aside and the titanium and gold links in varying sizes are set alternately to create a natural rhythm that is alive with movement. This necklace belies the 700 working hours of skilled craftsmen at Casa Pomellato required to cast titanium with the same prowess as gold. And all with a lightness of touch that makes the 3,192 diamonds (51.3 carats) appear to have landed on the jewel as spontaneously as star dust.

The necklace has a matching bracelet in which the volume of the chain links has been pushed to its limits. This spectacular outsize link bracelet is both a design and technical feat. Pomellato has developed the capacity to work titanium, a notoriously stubborn material, and cast each link using the lost wax technique. This dramatic jewel is the fruit of more than 400 hours of work by master craftsmen that shimmers with 2,013 diamonds set to create an illusion as beguiling as a Milan winter sky. 


Nudo Solitaire. The Nudo is Pomellato’s most iconic design that since its launch over two decades ago has brought a rainbow of colour to the traditional solitaire ring. The purity and strength of the original silhouette allows myriad stone options and now perfectly lends itself to the Nudo Solitaire all-white, diamond version. This Nudo Solitaire features an impressive 2-carat central diamond seamlessly surrounded by the icy shimmer of smaller diamonds that in turn melt into a glittering frosty pavé of smaller diamonds set in white gold. The ring is instantly recognisable as Nudo through and through, but in a precious new sparkling look.

Nudo Rivière. In the same spirit, Pomellato has created a choker of captivating simplicity with a cluster of three Nudo motifs that create an effect like a circle of polar light reflected on the skin. One side of the motifs are set with different-size diamonds skilfully placed in an irregular pattern to look as if randomly dusted with fresh-fallen snow on a bright winter morning. Each double-sized motif has white topaz on the back that adds volume and also allows an intimate contact directly with the skin of the wearer. The twinkling enigma of the central motifs is echoed in the slender line of the choker that sits comfortably on the neck thanks to its chain back section.

Sabbia Tie Chain. Plunged into a bath of white gold and white diamonds, the Sabbia Tie Chain radiates a dazzling vivacity thanks to the 754 diamonds that adorn this stand-out jewel. This effect can only be achieved with the highest level of gem-setting excellence and meticulous craftsmanship that entirely paves the round and rectangular pendants in white diamonds. The Sabbia Tie Chain is a prime example of the house’s sensual, body-conscious jewels, created to always flatter never overpower, that despite high carat counts and volume, are supple and soft on the skin. In tune with the times, men or women can wear this lariat-style necklace with its confidently informal attitude. The diamond-set clasp at the front of the necklace can be fastened around the neck at varying lengths to allow the wearer to create their own unique look.


Little Princess. The Little Princess necklaces and matching earrings are the next generation of the larger Princess necklaces that appeared in La Gioia 2021. More petite yet equally alluring, these two new versions in moonstone and green tourmaline are inspired by the mystery of the Northern Lights. The choice of white gold, white diamonds and ethereal gemstones evoke the majesty of one of the greatest miracles of nature. Both necklaces are composed of chains with irregular-sized links in white gold frosted with diamonds. The central oval-shaped link drops down as a pendant and the stone rests against its soft curves creating a sense of tranquil repose.

The graceful composition of the first necklace set with over 2,082 diamonds (total 21 ct) allows attention to focus on the spectacular 55.20-carat moonstone. Beyond its impressive size, this opalescent gemstone glows with an ethereal blue light of its own. The matching earrings that sway with the wearer’s every move, showcase the luminosity of the two oval-cut moonstones (total 47.17 carats) that hang below diamond discs. The delicate colours of the moonstone combined with white gold offer a contemporary take on the classic statement necklace and earrings.

The second necklace set with 2,143 diamonds features a fabulous 54.27-carat green tourmaline offering an intensity and vibrancy of colour reminiscent of the most vivid night skies in the Polar winter. The richness of these rare green tourmalines is perfectly complemented by the galaxy of diamonds set into the chain. The matching pendant earrings feature green tourmalines that together weigh 30.87 carats.


The Bahia choker and earrings capture the intense colours of glacial seas, where crushed ice mingles with the deep blue of churning water. Pomellato custom-cut the six colour saturated blue-purple tanzanites weighing a total of 48.15 carats from one single exceptional rough. The constant movement of the sea is created by the irregular shape of the stones and their soft facets as well as the naturally flowing line in which they are set, randomly interspersed with clusters of diamonds. The shape of the white gold chain necklace is in the house’s classic Bahia style with a single stone drop at the end of the chain. The matching pendant earrings are set with four tanzanites, totalling 31.73 carats of stones.

Fantina Diamond Ring

The Fantina Diamond ring crystallises the magical moment when soft snow almost covers the landscape in a blanket of perfect white. In the Fantina Diamond Ring, a dazzling 8.36 carat pear-cut champagne diamond solitaire is enveloped by a shroud of 475 sparkling white diamonds, highlighting the alluring colour of this impressive gemstone. The organic form of this ring is accentuated by its gold setting, which is a voluptuously extended stirrup link from the Fantina collection. The stirrup shape allows the wider end of the diamond to nestle against the setting, leaving space around its tapered tip as if floating on the finger. The ephemeral beauty of winter is poetically expressed in this one-of-a-kind ring.

Catene ‘71

Pomellato’s unquenchable appetite for chain necklaces and bracelets goes back to the very roots of the brand. Since 1967, founder Pino Rabolino was intent on modernising the most traditional jewels and over the decades, Pomellato’s chains have become the benchmark in design and craftsmanship excellence. The first Catene appeared in 1971 with sensuously curved links designed to sit flush against the skin. In a precious ode to winter, these versions of the Catene ‘71 are draped in the season’s colours in evocative white gold, two-tone necklaces. The version entirely paved with white and black diamonds dramatically expresses the beautiful contrasts of winter landscapes with an edgy attitude. Fiery red rubies and the purity of flawless white diamonds remind us of the season’s ripe berries in a frozen garden. These show-stopping incarnations of the Catene ’71 confirm the enduring appeal of one of Pomellato’s most recognisable designs that has withstood the test of time.

Re-Loved Chains

Pomellato is committed to sustainability and in 2021 dared to bring the concept of up-cycling to high jewellery with the second La Gioia high jewellery collection. Vintage jewels from the house’s safe were re-purposed to create exciting looks that highlighted the value of preserving the past with a modern outlook.

This season, Pomellato gives new life to Catene bracelets that have been transformed into a set of three striking necklaces called ‘Re-Loved Chains’. In a joyous homage to colour, violet sapphires are combined with vivid red spinels, grass-green tourmalines meet lagoon-colour aquamarines and ocean-blue sapphires are paired with forest-green emeralds. The colour block effect adds a playful twist to Pomellato’s famous chains.

Each Re-Loved Chain is set with 1,488 coloured stones, united by two links paved with 146 white diamonds. La Gioia, A Winter’s Tale confirms Pomellato’s mastery of colour and the ability to create moods and emotions in precious gemstones. Each jewel is a harmonious and fluid whole, only possible thanks to Pomellato’s rigorous Milanese design approach and generations of jewellery making skills nurtured in Casa Pomellato’s atelier. 


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