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Pomellato Iconica Collection 2021


Pomellato celebrates the audacity of its jewelry style with Iconica 2021 bangles, rings and a necklace – new ‘design pieces’ to adorn the bold creative. Iconica, Pomellato’s collection of sinuous gold jewels, was crafted as an homage to the Maison’s rich goldsmith tradition. Each artisanal Iconica creation is a masterpiece of jewelry art for the jewelry aficionado.


Unapologetically herself, the Iconica woman is confident, striking and bold. With the voluptuous arches of her Iconica jewels, she encapsulates the beauty and tradition of Milan. She appreciates the authenticity of a designer piece, as she herself is a true original. Named for icons, the Iconica woman is truly an icon of style.


As the Pomellato design collection, new 2021 jewels complete three Iconica parures with their brazen volumes, precious gems and shining golds. For the premier fancy setting parure, a new easy-close Iconica bangle is sculpted of rose gold and hand-carved diamond settings in the shapes of Pomellato stars, triangles, droplets, diamonds and squares.

The white gold parure welcomes several new jewels including white gold versions of the rose gold bestseller rings, set with distinctive Iconica diamond shapes. To pair, a new white gold pendant dangling with a mini Iconica ring carved with same diamond design. For shimmer on the finger, a new full diamond pavé ring in white gold to mark milestones or moments with distinction.

For the precious color parure, Pomellato celebrates gemstone inspiration with a colored gem bangle of Iconica style. To add to the bold parure, new “chain link” earrings dangle musically from the ear with brilliant gemstone colors. Or, to hug the earlobe with everyday preciousness, new hoop earrings are carved with tactile Iconica gemstones.


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