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Nudo Solitaire Shines Bright This Holiday Season


The Nudo Solitaire is Pomellato’s unique interpretation of the single-stone ring that now also includes diamond-set rings, bracelets, a pendant and earrings. These new arrivals, all showing the trademark Nudo design cues, are easy to wear as well as perfect to mix and match, making them the ideal gift this season.

With Pomellato’s hallmark originality, the iconic silhouette of the original Nudo ring is evident in these new designs. Each one has a direct link to the first Nudo rings and even the faceting of the Nudo cut – originally used on colour gemstones - is mimicked in the structure of the diamond setting on the rings. Soft on the skin and generously proportioned, the Nudo Solitaire is an inspired extension of this signature design from Pomellato.

In either rose gold with brown diamonds or white gold with white diamonds, the Nudo Solitaire rings come in three sizes including the out-size Assoluto. This new version steals the limelight with its more than 100 diamonds create a dazzling spectacle when they catch the light with every move. The Classic size with diamonds and would be a shimmering addition to any existing Nudo ring stack or can be worn on its own. All three versions showcase Pomellato’s skill with diamonds by employing two different setting techniques. Larger diamonds in individual settings reminiscent of the Nudo faceting technique are found on the top of the ring. Below them, a glittering pavé of smaller diamonds wraps around the ring. In the Assoluto version, the shank is also set with a diamond pavé that tapers down the side of the ring.

The diamond Nudo bracelet is a brand new variant that like the rings, comes in either rose gold with brown diamonds or white gold with white diamonds. The rigid, open bangle caresses the wrist and is tipped with diamond-set motifs in the Nudo shape. Diamonds are set on one side of the jewel and on the other side a white topaz touches the skin, giving an added opulence and volume to each bracelet. Bold enough to wear on their own, the bracelets are also ideal for stacking. A rose gold necklace with a diamond pendant and matching earrings complete the Nudo Solitaire line-up.

Attention to detail is at the core of Pomellato’s values and this extends to its concern about its carbon footprint. The firm is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities and all the diamonds are all sourced from Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified suppliers. All the gold used in its creations is Responsible Gold, sourced to the most rigorous standards of sustainability and traceability.

Just in time for the holiday season, the audacious spirit of Nudo finds a precious interpretation in jewels that add the final, sumptuous touch to any outfit.


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