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Australia welcomes Pomellato featuring Alexia Petsinis

With a penchant for modern silhouettes and unconventional explosions of colour, Australia joins luxury fashion and lifestyle writer and friend of the brand, Alexia Petsinis, in officially welcoming Pomellato to the market. Now available in leading retailers including David Jones, Dracakis Jewellers and Aurum Jewels, women of all ages are invited to discover Pomellato’s iconic collections, including Nudo, Iconica and M’ama non M’ama.

Whether it be a glinting blue topaz Nudo Classic ring, a delicate rose gold Sabbia bracelet, or a pair of striking peridot M’ama non M’ama earrings (or everything at all at once!), Australia’s fine jewellery landscape celebrates the arrival of a brand exemplifying a revolutionary approach to craftsmanship and creativity. Pomellato’s presence in Australia marks a significant milestone in the brand’s global evolution, now offering generations of women the opportunity for self-expression through the curation of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants reflective of a vibrant spirit and a fashion-forward identity.

Inspired by the vivacity of Pomellato jewels, Australian luxury fashion and lifestyle writer Alexia Petsinis indulges in a moment of creative exploration; celebrating the forms and silhouettes characterising Pomellato’s designs as unique works of art in themselves.


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