Chronoswiss is a modern mechanical watch brand: the symbiosis of horological know-how, nonconformist designs, modern materials and classical artisanal mastery. In the hour of its birth in 1983, in the midst of the quartz crisis, Chronoswiss was already a brand for visionaries and pioneers. And much more: It was the first brand to miniaturize the regulator into wristwatch format and develop a complete collection around this icon. We don’t try to turn back time – we simply back up our time with classical handicrafts to elevate our instantly recognisable, contemporary timepieces. Our resilient horological machines are made by and for the 21st century.

A fluted bezel, prominent onion crown, three-dimensional display, modern materials, atelier-made guilloché and enamel dials: Thanks to its strong design features, you know a Chronoswiss timepiece when you see it. Chronoswiss designs are made by nonconformists for nonconformists who want to stand out in an increasingly mass-produced world.