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AVSTEV Group Proudly Welcomes Hulchi Belluni

AVSTEV Group is pleased to announce the further expansion of its portfolio of global luxury brands to now include Hulchi Belluni.

Hulchi Belluni’s jewels are the realisation of a passionate dream of Martine Hul. Her 20 years of experience united with her own distinguished style, her sparkling energy, sensitiveness and effervescent creativity allow her to add a unique value to every piece of jewellery she designs guided by the principles of the Feng Shui science. You can feel the jewels radiate ‘Chi’, the positive energy which blissfully brings balance to your body.

Belluni (‘bella luna’) or beautiful moon is the source of creative energy, mysterious romance and pure emotions. Its presence is of great importance and the jewels’ finely shaped details reflect its energy.

Martine Hul is the founder and creative director of Hulchi Belluni. Inspired by the love for diamonds and fueled by her beliefs in harmony, she launched her first collection in 2001. Hulchi Belluni was born. Every collection has its own inspiration and all jewelry shares the same standards regarding quality and comfort. Quality shows in the use of 18k gold in the ideal composition for the perfect shade of yellow, white and pink gold. The diamonds are selected with care and only the brightest ones make it through. Next to the finest materials and finishing, the comfort of wearing is highly valued.

Hulchi Belluni is the go-to high-end jewelry for brave, fierce and proud women who embrace their femininity and aren’t afraid to show it with bold, yet delicate and sophisticated jewelry. The newest addition to their universe is a collection of men’s bracelets. Masculine. Strong. Confident. These were just a few words Martine had in mind when she was creating the first men’s collection for Hulchi Belluni to meet the increasing demand. And just like that, it became a reality.


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